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Quick Tip: How to Create a Triangle Pixelation Effect in Photoshop

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Photoshop makes it easy to pixelate with the mosaic filter but it’s boring and overused. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick that lets you pixelate using triangles instead of squares! This tutorial is incredibly easy so give it a try. Final Results Step 1 Start by opening any photo you

Making Selections in Photoshop

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Selecting elements using Photoshop can be a chief source of frustration “Making Selections in Photoshop” — until you use a pen tablet and the features discussed in this article. Making selections is one of the toughest things to master in Photoshop, mostly because there are so many tools to

Introducing OnlyPsds.com!

Welcome to OnlyPsds.com! OnlyPsds is a blog dedicated to the art of the flyer and designing for print! Every week, we’ll be releasing free psd flyer templates for you to use as you wish, interviewing the best flyer designers in the business and last but not least, helping every flyer